The Yellow River Delta has opened an educational school for monkeys around the world, where monkeys can learn some science and math and are trained on some tricks to help people entertain.

The monkeys are originally from Japan and will be sent to China after training for entry into the entertainment and entertainment industry in China.

In the eastern Chinese city of Dongjiang, 30 species of Macak came to the island to be introduced as the walking stick and arithmetic. It was opened on Sept. 24, the first of its kind in China, especially as an ice-cold environment was developed for the monkeys to coexist.

The monkeys will receive an academic curriculum such as beatings and arithmetic, and physical exercises such as jumping and walking on the stick, and will move to China’s zoos and amusement parks after the completion of the study period.

China has relied on monkeys recently, after the government resorted to to get rid of bird nests over trees, to secure safe flight in the skies of the country.

  • Monkey smiling for camera lenses:

“This monkey was keen and ready to get a shot in front of the camera and he was happy,” the British newspaper Daily Mail described the image of this monkey.

Photographer Bob Hedfield was able to record the scene with his lens during a visit to the British Chester Zoo, saying he might be fascinated by the reflection of his image in the camera’s lens.

It is known as the Black Macaque monkeys or the black monkeys. It has a bald face known for its intelligence and skill. It is threatened with extinction by overfishing and only two of them are in the Indonesian islands.

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