• A talented elephant female sold her paintings at an auction in Hungary:

A circus in Hungary auctioned paintings made by an Indian elephant girl who likes to brush and paint. Three paintings were sold on canvas by Sandra, a 42-year-old female, made up of lines of different colors resembling rivers for about $ 150 per plate. A painting by Hungarian artist Sandra herself was sold for a 900 dollar. The proceeds of the auction are to be allocated to an elephant protection site in Malaysia.

Florien Ritster, owner of Sandra, who also serves as director of the circus, said Sandra was drawn with her hose and was happy to do so. “I only help her change the brush and put it in colors and she does the rest herself … I encourage her to say that this is really good, or that it was not very good … We have been together for 40 years so our relationship as a couple in a family.”

  • Panda paints beautiful paintings:

The zoo in Vienna found a new attraction for visitors, the “pandas of the painter”. Young Yang, the 18-year-old panda, learned how to use the brush for small paintings, and 100 of them were sold online for 490 euros ($ 560) for one, to raise money to produce a picture book on panda animals in Austria’s zoo.

Yang Yang’s work is similar to the first attempts of a young child: black spots on white paper. “Yang Jang is the world’s first pandas to be painted in this style, using a bamboo brush, which makes her paintings unique,” said the zoo keeper.

  • A dog paints wonderful paintings:

Self-seeking seems to be a problem not only for humans, but also for dogs. Ms. Agata has published pictures of her dog, Dogfinci, who loves drawing, and began to discover his talent until it came to selling his paintings.

Her dog wears an elegant “pirie” hat, which allows him to use a wide range of colors with his brushes, which he paints over the canvas and makes paintings that are admired by many.

Agata began selling her dog’s pet paintings, ranging in price from $ 50 to $ 200.

  • A dog draws and writes:

It seems that the dogs will soon compete with the art having proved their ability to draw scenes with artistic and creative meanings. A dog of the Scottish Shepherd Dog has succeeded in drawing paintings of landscapes better than non-Hawaiian people.

The Gambian dog lives with owner Omar von Muller in the UK, where Muller trains him on drawing and guides him to the possible border of the painting.

While holding a paintbrush and painting on a white board, Gambi is gripped by a raging revolution and shakes his tail throughout his painting of the painting as an expression of ecstasy and happiness.

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