Tuesday, February 19, 2019

This animals can work like humans !

Monkeys working in state institutions: An Indian government official has hired a monkey of naphor (a long-tailed monkey in South Asia) to...

Believe ! Fish living outside the water

Fish live in the water, this natural life, and die as soon as they go to land because they not adapt to it, but...

Monkey practice this actions like humans

The Yellow River Delta has opened an educational school for monkeys around the world, where monkeys can learn some science and math...

Animals have learned and can understand Human Languages

Humans are the strongest creatures of the earth because of reason only, but what will happen if animals can learn our language and communicate...

Animals killed their owners at home

Raising animals at home is a fun idea for everyone, especially since animals are known to be pet creatures. You can not imagine their...

Creative animals ! more than human

A talented elephant female sold her paintings at an auction in Hungary: A circus in Hungary auctioned paintings made by...

Gorilla is an artist who paints, represents, and communicates in sign language

Matt Coco, who dazzled the world fluently American sign language and his ability to understand some English chats, has. Coco was among...

Dogs save their owners

A loyal dog who waited his friend 10 years at the train station! In 1923, there was a dog called Hatchiko...

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